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Interactive DBands Coaching program®

An interactive DBands Coaching® program for Sports Clubs and Associations, regardless of the sports specifics. We are offering the right tools and the Books for the Knowledge We do our best in order to cater for individual requests It is brought to you by GaraSport

  1. 1. What is the aim of the Program?
  2. 2. How was the program created?
  3. 3. What are the contents of the program and why is it interactive?
  4. 4. Who is the program for?
  5. 5. Why is itt hat you can you use it any sports?
  6. 6. Who are the leaders of the program?
  7. 7. What choice of packages do you have?
  8. 8. Why is the program flexible?
  9. 9. Loyalty bonuses for return customers

1. This Program is aimed to help as many sportsmen as possible to get access to DBands. We also would like to spread the knowledge and the skills since it is a very efficient and low cost fitness and training tool where you can also optimize your time. It helps to develop not only your speed, strength and dynamics but you get a highly functional tool.

2. The interactive DBands Coaching® program was created due to the growing request from clubs and gyms. Everyone has a limited timeframe so due to their busy schedule trainers and coaches have found it increasingly hard to take part at the organized events and the advertised teaching occasions.

Individual and personal trainers might find it easier to fit it in their days but clubs and gyms can’t afford to have all their trainers away for coaching at the same time, although the request for the use of DBands is ever increasing. That’s the reason why the DBands Coaching program was created. We have also included other tools that can be used in synergy, along with the DBands, to make it even more efficient.

3. The program is made up of two parts: the first one is the theory and the science and its application, with video footage to explain, whereas the second part includes a batch of interactive exercises, methods and ways to teach you how to manage your training class.

4. This program was developed for Training Clubs or Gyms and its coaches but we will organize the training where and when it is needed. Any Club may apply, with a preferred or suggested number of participants of their trainers. We will show and teach you how DBands and related tools work for the best performance. In this scheme a maximum of 18 participants can benfit from this program, without the hassle of having to travel away, since it is our coaches that go to your place. We are flexible and open to cater for any special requests. Please contact info@garasport.com for further details.

It is a great advantage to you that this way all of your trainers can get acquainted with our model and master the use of this functional tool. We have also thought of adding other tools and we go all the way from quality warm-up to go into the specifics and to the end of the training. There are further possibilities to more professionals taking part but because of the quality of the work we have a limit of a maximum of 25 participants.

5. DBands is useful in all kinds of sports disciplines since the skills acquired with DBands will go a long way in any sportsfield. In the first part you get the basic info and the science, and in the second part we also demonstrate you how it works, both in small or in larges groups or classes. Eventual mistakes are corrected, individual features are considered so the training becomes interactive and creative in more than one way. When people do it together, it impacts more success. You will also get customized, specific advice.

6. The program may only be led and taught by trainers who have a DBands Master Trainer degree and know all the facts and tools necessary with the use of DBands.

7. The contents, the types and the prices of the different packages please see in the attachment!

8. As we said it before, it is not the clubs and the gyms who have to fit the trainings into their schedule but we provide the felxibility you need, so it is our coaches to go when it is most convenient to you. Also, we are trying to be as flexible as possible and offer custom built packages to best suit the requests and the number of people involved, with prices given accordingly. We are confident that with the right number of people taking part you can have an optimal solution and an economical offer.

9. Any Club, Association or Gym taking part in the Interactive DBandsCoaching Program will become a member of our Loyalty/Return Customer scheme and will have bonuses and discounts with the GaraSport Kft. For details please see our webpage.

We are hopeful that you will be interested in this program! Please contact: sales@garasport.com for further information or call the no. +36-20-932-4409.

Best regards:
DBands Hungary
Project Team