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Cardio fight training- trainers’ education

Who is it for?

The Cardio fight training- education is for those trainers who already have a fitness/aerobic trainer license and are active in group training sessions, but would like to diversify their portfolio and offer something different, in the way of combat or martial.

Cardio fight training is a mix of fitness and martial arts and it is good for being exercised with music. All these features make it a nice and enjoyable group session experience. During the trainer course we will teach you how to construct your classes and we will also show you how to use Cardio-Fight elements to make your class more efficient. We will also teach you a few more techniques that will make your classes even more effective.

How will you benefit from the Cardio Fight trainer course?

You will get a familiarity and a confidence that you will be able to use as a base for any other fitness class that has elements from martial arts.

After you have passed your exam we will give you a diploma which guarantees that your knowledge is authentic and you may work with it as a license, in any fitness club.