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DBands Martial Arts Instructor Course

Who is it for?

The DBands Martial Arts Instructor Course is for those trainers who are already active as fighters or as trainers of fighters, or have ’dans’ in their field of fight or already have serious experience in this profession. It is important to have already mastered a strong body coonsciousness. Look at this when you are looking for a new approach or are willing to combine new methods with the traditional ones. We will show you the rsults of the latest research in sports.

If you have a fresh look at Martial arts you will see that it is adapting to our fast changing reality, both from the mental and the physical aspect. Everyone has to face the new challanges of our times. It has to provide improved performance as well as serve the cause of health preservation, prevention of illnesses and healthy lifestye requirements. DBands Martial Arts tool is excellent for a wide range of applications, and it is being more and more used whether by the Hungarian and the foreign martial arts competitors, from UFC cage fighters to Olympic wrestlers such as e.g. "Showeather" Lombard.

It certainly is a unique tool and the methodology developped for functional application will give you results you’ve never expected. The DBands Martial Arts will help develop and improve all faculties of the sportsmen of martial arts such as dynamism, speed, stamina and stability of balance. Many excellent sportsmen and trainers have given us the feedback of its outstanding performance and effectivity since they use it. And there were others who told us that their long-existing pain has significantly improved since they are using the DBands Martial Arts tool.

What kind of knowledge will the DBands Martial Arts course give you?

The DBands Martial Arts is a specific area within the DBands system. It is only certified DBands Martial Arts trainers who have  completed our course will be able to teach it in selected, certified centers and dojos.

After you have passed your exam you may start working as a professional fighter or trainer.

Exam material for the DBands Martial Arts course:

You have to successfully pass the exam and show that you are fit for it and aware of all the technical details. You will also have to prepare a DBands Martial Arts module with clips of video and music attached which will be evaluated by the jury.

What is DBands?

It is a great tool meant to develop stability, strength, speed and stamina. It consists of two strips of rubber that you can attach above your knees, one in the front and one in the back. You have to override the resistance of the rubber by using all the power of your legs and of the hip area.

DBands is unique since it becomes part of the kynetic chain by fixing the two knees together and its user will have to make movements along with the tool, however has to fight the resistance of the tool itself at the same time.

DBands will have the CORE as its center and this will alow all muscles of the area to work with it. It will put to use all the muscles of the buttocks and the central nervous system will get enough impact to speed up the formation of synaptic connections. All of this will result in more efficient, more precise movements which are essential for the proper practice of all forms of martial arts.

When you are using DBands you will activate more and more muscles and the more you use it the more resistance will be created. That’s why its use is essential when you have to improve dynamism and speed.

You will only be able to use it efficiently when you have a proper posture and a proper awareness of the body. Your progress will be amazing, the woork-load will be fit for a real fighter and your body-consciousness will improve. NEVER GIVE UP! KEEP GOING! DBands Martial Arts