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The rehabilitation of sports related injuries with the help of DBands techniques©

Who is the course for?

Our agenda of the training course is created specifically for active competitive sportsmen and athletes, but also for their trainers, for stamina trainers, for personal trainers and for coaches of different professional and age-group backgrounds. The material was put together by physio therapists and special experts of rehabilitational techniques. We have also used our many years of related experiences in the process.

What can you expect from our course?

From the professional point:

  • General knowledge about DBands;
  • General functional knowledge of the anatomy of the human body, with a special focus of sports related injuries of the lower limbs;
  • How to use DBands as a rehabilitation tools in your everyday practice;
  • A sample set of exercises to use in your rehabilitation process, with DBands and DBands fusion tools.

What will you get at the course?

  • Written material, summing up the essentials for you;
  • A T-shirt with our brandname printed on it.

The discounts available during the course:

On the day of the training you can buy our tools with a 20 % discount.

During the training we will supply for free all tools necessary for the practice on the spot.

Exams and certifications:

The exam consists of a written test. On the last day of the training course the participants will have to answer a Multiple Choice test where they indicate A, B. C, or D as the correct answer to the question. You will have 20 minutes to complete the test. You will be a successful candidate if you manage to obtain a minimum of 80 % accuracy of the answers.

The test will be evaluated on the spot. If you passed the test you will receive a certification granted and issued by Garasport Kft. If you happen to be under 80 % of accuracy you will get extra questions to recuperate.

Successful participants are going to receive a certificate written in Hungarian.