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Reflections of Ádám Schmidt after having completed the DBands Youth program

Author: Ádám Schmidt

After I have completed my DBands Football Trainer course I was trying to do my best in applying and using it in my training sessions. I used it both with the adult and with the junior team. The youngsters were really welcoming to something new while the adults were a bit less enthusiastic about it. But the fact remains that the proper use of the tool was a real challange for all of them. 

Now that I have been constantly using it for more than a year I can confirm that my athletes have made huge progress. They have more core power, more stability in their joints and they have greatly increased their speed and their dynamism.

We have implemented the DBands work in our schedule every week  so the core muscles are  being constantly strengthened. We are also doing a variety of progressive planks so our players have developed a really strong base; something we can steadily build on. Furthermore the tool gives us considerable help as a prevention measure since it builds a very strong core and there is a decreased incidence of lower limb injuries as a consequence. 

This tool is also good for improving motor skills coordination. Our athletes have developed better movements in action and have enhanced agility in their bodies, arms and legs postures and positions. It is also recommended to insert phases of dynamic stabilization in their routine as it helps in establishing not only a better coordination but also an improved joint stability. 

We are also using DBands in various plyometric exercises and in different wall drills which resulted in our athletes becoming significantly more fast and dynamic. 

And finally I would also like to mention an added bonus that I have noticed during the matches. When there is a one-to-one body check or a race for the ball our players are better in winning these situations. When there is a body clash they manage better to keep their balance, and they can jump up higher. Due to their improved speed they reach the ball faster, they manage to snatch the ball more frequently and their scoring ability has also improved as a result of our complex work.. 

Ádám Schmidt

Monor Sports Club

Football Coach

DBands Football Trainer

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