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The DBands helps you break barriers!

Author: Beák Gábor, kosárlabda edző

The DBands is a surprisingly simple and genuine tool, although very efficient at the same time.

For me it is very important to be able to find a tool that I can use on the basketball field. The DBands is just the one for me! My experience tells me that basketball players have a hard time putting extra effort in when they are outside the court, but on the court they will do anything! This tool is something easy to combine with other methods or tools and there is no limitation in creative power when it comes to workout. The three staples for basketball are running, jumping and the basic athletic stance. This tool will help us with all three elements.

There is a history of years of hard work for DBands and basketball, a fact supported by the success of Buzás Bence who is a member of the national junior team and seems to be a big talent for the future of Hungarian basketball. Bence is also one of the strongest members of the TF (National Sports Accademy) -Budapest Basketball  junior team. We use DBands with him, not only at the team training sessions but also in his personal work.

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