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DBands Professional Course

Who is it for?

We would recomment it to all trainers and pesonal trainers who work to improve the strength of their students and for those who finally want to see real results. It is also for personal or recreational trainers who have group classes and would like to introduce some changes for variety. Those who already use a wide array of tools will be glad to have one more idea to mix and combine different forms of exercise for different functions. With DBands you will have a lot of fun with the new possibilities, whether it is an individual session or a group class.

DBands meaning Dynamic Bands is a latest generation development of flexible tools which has become widespread in recent years in all sports where it is vitally important to develop motor functions.

What is DBands?

It is a great tool meant to develop stability, strength, speed and stamina. It consists of two strips of rubber that you can attach above your knees, one in the front and one in the back. You have to override the resistance of the rubber by using all the power of your legs and the hip area. It is a revolutionary new method of building strength, speed and stamina as well as shaping the muscles.