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Stretch & Roll workshop

Who is it for?

The Stretch & Roll worksho’s knowledge material was put together for personal trainers, stamina trainers, group trainers and for physio-therpaists. Those who are already involved in competitive sports activities and wish to expand their knowledge will also benefit from it. We have put to use our best experience gathered in the course of many years.

What can you expect from the Stretch & Roll Workshop © ?

From the professional viewpoint:

Here are the main subjects and issues we will discuss::

  • How to use the SMR roll in a professional way?
    • when rolling
    • when using it as an aid for stretching
  • Special stretching techniques
    • for the single joints
    • forwhole muscle chains (fascia chains)

A special beneficial feature of the massage role is that it can be inserted in your everyday specific training routin, and its use is not going to alter the necessary specific moves; on the contrary: it is going to confirm them.

During the course you will get:

1 piece workshop educational material,

1 piece T-shirt with the brandname,

Discounts offered for those attending the workshop:

The massage-roll used on the course can be purchased with a 50% discount.

The DRollfoam rollers used on the course can be purchased with a 20% discount