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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Professional questions regarding the use of the DBands:

Can I used the DBands tool for rehabilitation, following a sports injury?

Yes, you can!

From what age can I use the DBands tool?

We recommend its use from 14 years of age (50 kg weight, above 151 cm)

Questions regarding the purchase

Where can I get my tools, in person?

Sport11 Sportközpont, 1st floor / 1112 Budapest, Kánai út 2.

Can I pay by card?

This option is not available at the moment.

I need information and price quotes for a tender, how do I proceed?

Please send us details about the tender with the relevant parameters (terms and conditions of payment)  and give us an overview of your ideas and your phone contacts to @garasport.com mail address. We will send you our offer within 2 working days.

Quesions regarding the trainig courses

How can I use the tools regularly, without taking part in a course?

You may ask for advice of proper use from our trainers and from the instructors, you may read the manual or have a look at our film which gives you the theoretical knowledge and samples for exercises.

How will I know if there is a new training course?

On our web page and on our Facebook page we publish the time and the place  of the trainig, one month before the training. If you register we will send you our Newsletter to your e-mail address. When you ask for info at info@garasport.com mail, we will send you an answer within two working days.